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Of the entire process of starting to work with a BPO, provisioning our desktops was the most painless part. The ease of setup added a lot of value because I didn’t have to take time away from other tasks to focus on implementing Dizzion. 

3. Add Your Customizations


Unlock The Modern Workforce

Dizzion, in combination with Frame, has become the largest stand-alone DaaS provider with the ability to deploy from over 300 global data centers across the major Public Cloud providers, as well as on customer premises. Dizzion delivers composable digital workspaces to help your organization flexibly engage hybrid, distributed, and third-party teams at scale and unlock the modern workforce.

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All Rights Reserved. Dizzion, Inc ® 2023
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With Dizzion, you can choose from the industry’s top cloud providers. We offer unparalleled flexibility to ensure your digital workspace seamlessly aligns with your organization’s unique needs. We allow you to either bring your own cloud infrastructure or use our global network of IBM Cloud data centers.

1. Pick Your Service Level

Tailor your service and management approach to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a hands-on DIY approach, the convenience of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), the simplicity of Managed DaaS, or the compliance-focused Compliant DaaS, we have you covered.

We offer a variety of integrations and add on customizations based on the service level and cloud option you select:

  • Application Virtualization
  • Identity Management
  • Multifactor Authenticaion
  • Security Services
  • Storage & Backups
  • Network Services
  • Software Services

Engage Hybrid, Distributed, and Third-Party Teams with Confidence

Dizzion, in combination with Frame, is your go-to partner for companies that need to engage remote and contingent workforces while ensuring their sensitive systems and data remain secure. Organizations on both sides of contact centers, along with healthcare, financial services, insurance, and retail, rely on us to create digital workspaces that are trusted, compliant and secure.

Ready To Get Started?

Discover the full potential of composable digital workspaces by embarking on this transformative journey with Dizzion and Frame. Read our Press Release for further details and insights into how this acquisition will reshape the future of work for organizations worldwide. Let us help you unlock the true power of your workforce!

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Customers can tap into the world’s leading digital workplace platform in 3 easy steps!

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Managed DaaS

Digital Workspace

Compliant Digital Workspace

Standard DaaS

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Dizzion Provided Cloud Solution

Bring Your Own Cloud Provider

2. Pick Your Cloud